Bill S. Shady Cove, Or

“My first visit to Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy was a pleasant surprise. I anticipated a somewhat embarrassing experience since this type of procedure can be awkward (especially for a male), but this was simply not so. Sarah West is a charming, gracious, and...

What to do before and after your session ?

Before Your Session Before your first session, you will need to fill out a detailed health questionaire and discuss your personal health history with the practitioner to evaluate if there exists any contraindications to Colon Hydrotherapy. Please Click Here to...

Health Begins with the Colon

The following are articles discussing colon health and it’s impact on the body and general well being. ~


The Amethyst BioMat™ is an extraordinary healing pad which incorporates the three most powerful healing energies known to date: 1. Far Infrared Rays- “Nature’s Miracle Light” •Discovered by NASA to be the safest most beneficial natural light wave...

NRG Works Footspa

Treat your feet with this soothing and reinvigorating foot bath! NRG Works Foot Spa uses ionic technology to gently detox bringing balance and harmony to the whole body. The feet contain all the major acupuncture and reflexology points of the body. The NRG Foot Spa...

Phil, 57

“For the first time in years, the chronic pain in my legs has stopped. I feel so good! The varicose veins in my legs have started to disappear too!! I’m so thankful, I’ll probably use the foot bath for the rest of my life.”

LMH, Therapist/Energy Healer

“Getting colonics has been one of the most effective healing modalities ever for my multiple chemical sensitivities.   Sarah’s gentleness, wisdom, and professionalism has made the process that much more successful.”

Swami Sat Nam Mantro, 57

“I have severe Hepatitis C and since having colonics and foot baths with Sarah the side effects of the disease are almost completely gone.   The chronic skin rashes, periodontis gum disease, and the constant itching in my legs are healed. I have been a...
Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy
Sarah West
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